Surnames: Beczala/Betzala, Ondicka/Ondicha, Petryszyn/Petrison, Bann
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Jun 14, 2017
Feodor Petryszyn/Frank Petrison married Mary Ondicka/Maria Ondicha in Beaver Meadows, PA, in the late 1890s(?). She already had a son (Stephen) by a previous husband presumably named (Stephen?) Beczala. Mary and Frank had a son (Theodore) in 1900. She died around 1902 in Beaver Meadows. Frank then married Amelia Solanka, and they lived in Syracuse, NY. The son, Stephen (born 1885 in Slovakia, died 1935 in Yonkers, NY), changed his last name (supposedly) from Beczala to Bann, some time prior to 1909. I want to find out what the son, Stephen's, original surname was. A distant relative said that his mother was known as "the widow, Mary Beczala"; but when his mother gave birth later on to Theodore, her surname was listed as "Ondicka" on the birth record. Mary immigrated to the U.S. from Kruzlov, Slovakia around the 1890s(?).